Thinking of taking up photography…

What better way to encourage me to get outside and enjoy some fresh air? I’ve a few old cameras that should suffice lying around the house. Tomorrow… I know all that don’t put off tomorrow what can be yarn yawn today but I’ve work in an hour or two and a long shift at that!



I’ve started taking these along with my orange juice in the morning… EXCESSIVE VITAMIN C !! So far nothing noticable. Strangly the compulsion to write a blog seems to have a better effect. “I need to take these to get a good walk in to write about it! A positive circle?



Had one of these after my jog as part of my cooldown drink and they were horrible! Tasted like bad yoghurt >.<  Fair enough I could only taste them for half a minute but all the same!

At least the weathers staying fine, no chance of getting me out when it’s lashing down!