They call me Jazz. I’m 28 and work in a call center. That involves ALOT of sitting down and its slightly taken its toll on me >.<

I started this to give me focus in achieving my goal of getting back into shape again! Hopefully anybody else who’s going through something similar can take something away from my success or failures.

My friend Stephens a bit of a health nut! Never out of Holland and Barrets, forever drinking some strange looking concoction all in the name of feeling better.

I’ll be taking suppliments, vitamins and trying some of his reccomendations. So far I’ve learned not to chew on a cod liver oil tablet.



Today I’ve begun the journey to feeling better.   I’ve been getting back into shape and taking a good friends advice have decided to try a course of cod liver oil, vitamin c and zinc just to see if I feel better.

Although the first step (especially for me) was mental, I just don’t seem to have as much energy as I used to have!

I’m going to be trying out different remedies, supplements and vitamins and describing any changes I feel (if any) to help anyone else who needs that little bit of an extra push!

Wish me luck

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking