Save the Bee’s!


I would ask everyone to consider planting any of these to help our dwindling bee population. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much  room or even a garden at all!! Container growing is so easy !   Signing this online petition can do alot.   is also a good way aswell to help thank you

The below video can help if you’re new to container growing


They call me Jazz. I’m 28 and work in a call center. That involves ALOT of sitting down and its slightly taken its toll on me >.<

I started this to give me focus in achieving my goal of getting back into shape again! Hopefully anybody else who’s going through something similar can take something away from my success or failures.

My friend Stephens a bit of a health nut! Never out of Holland and Barrets, forever drinking some strange looking concoction all in the name of feeling better.

I’ll be taking suppliments, vitamins and trying some of his reccomendations. So far I’ve learned not to chew on a cod liver oil tablet.